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BFast Neon

The BFast Neon is amidst a major revamp for the 2019 season. Records have been set and races won in the past. However parts breakage and inconsistent performances left us wondering what could have been! So for 2019 a new on more powerful power plant is being mated to a new billet packed gearbox. The new look performance package will be on track early 2019, for what hopes to be a very successful year of racing. 

Engine Sale!!!!

BFast Motorworx is excited about the 2019 season and wants to make this an awesome and successful year for all our customers! So we are running specials all year. First up is the 15% off sale for the season kick off. Contact us today to discuss your build and these great savings.

Hard Anodizing

BFast Motorworx is now offering aerospace quality hard anodizing for a wide range of items. This coating is designed for use in nitro-methane engines such as NHRA Top Fuel to endure the corrosive effects of this fuel. But with todays wildly powerful fuel blends it's become a more prevalent treatment. Talk with us today about this service.

Performance Parts
Performance Parts

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Custom Race Engines
Custom Race Engines

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Custom Cylinder Head Packages
Custom Cylinder Head Packages

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4G63 Zulu Series Short & Long Blocks

The BFast Motorworx Zulu Series 4G63 short & long blocks are an awesome affordable option for 90% of enthusiasts! Capable of up to 1000Hp and prices starting @ $2750!

4G63 Foxtrot Series Short & Long Block

The Foxrot series of engines are for the hardcore racer looking for the very best in horsepower capabilities! with technology to handle 1400+HP these engines are built to get you "an unfair advantage" When you feel it's time for more power these engines won't hold you back! Prices starting @ $6595

4G63 Tango Series Cylinder Head Packages

The Tango Series Cylinder Head Packages are very adaptable and a spec package is available for nearly every combo from great performing stock port heads, along with hand ported high flowing heads and even options for CNC ports. Contact us for best pricing.


When dealing with custom machine and engine work turn around time can be a huge hurtle to over come. Some shops can run months, even years out on lead times, or even worse quote a short lead time and end up taking months or years when your already deeply invested in your project through them. This is not the case at BFast Motorworx. We offer one of the quickest turn around times in the industry. We have the ability to have multiple engines in machining and assembly. All while keeping to the highest of quality standards. We understand things come up and not every project is long term, we've been there. Thats why we work so hard to have your engine completed not only correctly but quickly. Our normal turn around is 2 weeks or less!!! Need it quicker than that? Contact us we are always happy to help if we can.