The Delta Echo Series short block is a great performing short block that fits the needs of 90% of the 4G63 market. They can cover such a large section because we use top of the industry parts and assemble them using expertise from decades of experience. They feature CP pistons, Manley H-Beam rods, and ACL race bearings. Cylinder heads have great brands such as Kiggley Racing and GSC. Whether your looking for a long or short block, cylinder head, or full long block the Delta Echo Series has it for you. RATED TO 750 HP


Short Block: $1995

Cylinder Head: $950

Full Long Block: Contact For Best Price.


Are you looking to unlock the monstrous power waiting to be unleashed from the incredibly capable 4G63 platform? If you are the Zulu series is the engine for you. This engine contains the highest quality parts available from such trusted manufacturers as CP pistons, Manley Turbo Tuff I-beams, ACL, and ARP. Cylinder Heads in this series use SuperTech, Kiggley Racing, ARP, and GSC. We use only the finest "Pro Stock" quality equipment to machine this engine. Proven to 1000 HP, this the solid base you need to achieve your performance goals but is still able to truly multitask on the street or track!


****Ask about BFast Aluminum Rods & other options****


Short Block: $2750

Cylinder Head : $1695

Full Long Block: Contact For Best Price.


We understand it's easy to get lost or overwhelmed with information and options when shopping for a performance engine. We want you to know we are here for you. We can help put together the perfect engine for your application and performance needs. Don't hesitate to contact us.

This is it! The Mona Lisa. This engine is the pinnacle in performance from the legendary 4G63. The practices, modifications, and techniques encompass over a decade's worth of building, racing, and testing four cylinder race engines to the absolute brink and beyond. The Foxtrot Series engine accounts for every possible weak point in the design and build of the engine. Every one of these issues are neutralized and improved using proven methods. The build sheet alone on this engine is enough to strike fear and envy into your competitors. If your part of the 1% looking to stop the earths rotation, to live on the absolute edge of possible performance and go 2 psi past that. We like to think of it as if you could harness the power of a nuclear blast in an engine. This engine would be Norad. The only thing left standing strong. There are many clandestine treatments such as Ion Nitrate, Multi Heat Cycles, Stress Relieved, Shot Peening, Magnaflux, DRC, WPC, Many Thermal Coatings, Cyro, all included in this engine and many more. When you hear the mumblings around the track about people being sold vanilla. This is were you get the sundae everyone is sure they aren't getting. With an engine as intense as this one lead times are longer than normal. 6-8 weeks should be alotted.


Short Block: $6595

Cylinder Head: $4550

Full Long Block: Contact For Best Price














Below you'll find our featured engine builds. They are the corner stone of our product line and are a solid platform for which to chase your performance goals. At BFast Motorworx we have well over a decade of building high performance engines to withstand the most demanding of racing and performance settings. All of our engines are individually handcrafted to exacting standards using only the latest in tooling, machining, and assembly processes. Specializing in the sport compact market as well as late model fuel injected, sophisticated overhead cam, and variable timing engines. BFast Motorworx has built and proven multipule four cylinder applications to over 1000 HP. However our abilities reach far beyond just the four cylinder and sport compact markets. Let our experience and knowledge of building ridiculous horsepower from even the smallest of engines translate into absolute rock solid engine performance for your set up. Contact us today to find out what we can offer to your program.

*******CORE CHARGES*******

There are a few ways for you to buy your new cylinder head, short, or long block. With or without a core. All of our Cylinder Heads, Short and Long Blocks require good cores. A good core is described as in good working running able shape. This means a block would need to be usable with girdle, oil squirters, oil squirter bolts, and crank. Cylinder heads would need to have good guides, valve seats, lifters, and rocker arms.


Option #1: You can send in your core block, head, or engine and we will perform the work to it, This method cost you nothing extra out of pocket.


Option #2: We can build a block, head, or engine for you and ship it to you. We will charge you a core charge up front for the parts you owe us. Once we recieve your core, we'll refund the full core charge back to you.


Option #3: You do not have a core and are going to need us to source your parts. We will work with you to get a block, head, or engine to complete your build. However these parts will add to the cost of the services you are buying. We do understand that blow ups and other issues can cause someone to not have a good core. Most times we can find competitively priced cores for you in a few days.