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“Battle tested engine armament, field ready for the new age of performance.”

Our Mindset


BFast Motorworx is a company whose sole purpose is to provide you with an unfair advantage against your competition.  This is our mindset and our goal. We sell products and packages we know work and are proven in the real world. No gimmicks, no new have to haves, no BS. Straight forward, straight line performance.  We refer to our work as engine armament. We do so because we believe in engines that can take a beating and still come out on top. So when we build, we build around the ideal of armor for battle. The gun that fire's once or the shield that stops only one blow is a small battle won, and a war lost. A drag race is a mechanical war and once you go to war winning is all that matters.  There are literally thousands of places to have your engine and engine components built and assembled. There are far fewer to have this work performed that test and develop their products in the field. Even fewer who will sell you what they race. We are proud to include ourselves in the rare few who truly sell what we race and what we know works. We hold dear our commitment to honesty in our products. We’ll never tell you our product can do something that we don’t know for a fact it can. We will never tell you something you want to hear or something convenient to hear just to make a sale. When you buy from us you are part of our team. When you win, we win and vice versa. We like to stay in contact with our customers and hear how they are doing with our products. In short we don’t forget who you are once your payment clears. We are committed to never being too big, too important, or too busy for the people who believe in our products enough to pay us with their hard earned money. This is our mindset and this is who we are. If you’re interested in being part of our team, we are interested in having you on it. Contact info below.