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Engine Sale// Our Best Products @ Great Savings 


The BFast Motorworx is excited for the 2016 season. We are showing this excitement with specials all year long! We are offering as much as 25% off all our short and long blocks as well as our cylinder heads and any services. Contact us today to talk about your build and these great savings!

AEM Infinity EMS// The Future is Infinite!

The Infinity ECU delivers state-of-the-art electronic fuel injection (EFI) control technology which provides durability, flexibility and capabilities typically found only at upper echelons of Motorsports. We have now made this technology affordable for both professional race teams and amateur racers. Built around a latest-generation 200MHz automotive processor, the Infinity ECU is capable of processing 400 MIPS (millions of instructions per second) and is perhaps the fastest ECU available today.

BFast Motorworx is excited to be one of the first shops and teams to be involved with the Infinity program. BFast Motorworx is an AEM factory trained tuning and installation location. We are excited to feature this amazing EMS in our shop FWD Dodge Neon along with a full line up of AEM electronic's. Contact Us today to talk about these awesome systems! 

Brad Pen Penn-Grade 1 //  The "Green" Oil


The life blood of any engine is its oil! BFast Motorworx has tried many oils throught the years some with great results, some not so much. This product category has been ever changing for the advancements in modern engines and the ever changing landscape of enviromental law. 


But there is no need to worry! BFast Motorworx and Brad Penn have you covered! Penn-Grade 1 high performance oils are specially formulated to meet the stringent lubricating demands of todays high performance, highly stressed, street and racing engines. They deliver excellent shock load and high temp protection to the highest stress engine parts including bearings, cams, rings, and pistons. They reduce internal friction allowing for increased horsepower output while maintaining their strong lubricating film, even under the most extreme conditions.


BFast Motorworx uses Brad Penn Penn-Grade 1 oils in every step of our engine building process as well as in our race programs and personal race vehicles. These are hands down the best oils on the market today. Thats why we ship engine BFast engine with Brad Penn oil and its the only oil we recommend to use in our engines. BFast Motorworx is your source for Brad Penn only. Contact us today to get yours!